In January 2020 we produced this lovely Hair collection at the beach of El Prat (Barcelona). We created 6 unique styles in cut and color and used nature as inspiration. The beautiful beaches around Barcelona provided the perfect background. Fashion was supplied by two local eco-fashion designers Sylvia Calvo BCN and Virginia Rondeel(Post-Industrial fashion shop). Sylvia Calvo creates high fashion using coffee bags, organic silk, or cotton for her collections, while Virginia turns old shirts into new clothing. It’s time to think about recycling, upcycling and circular economy. We used the following Davines hair products for the creation of our collection. For coloration and bleaching we used  ‘mask’ and ‘century of light‘  and hair care products from the following lines:
  • Essentials
  • Natural Tech
  • Alchemy
The models were styled with the ‘more inside’ styling products by Davines. For this collection we’ve chosen to work with everyday people adapting the styles to their personality. We’ve found sweet Julia, who works as a flight attendant, while growing in her healing business, or cool Ferran, the waiter of one of the best Paella restaurants in Barcelona, who’s aiming to become an actor. If you wanna find out more about our models, please stay tuned for the release of our magazine.
We collaborated with Maryam Blanco who did some lovely natural Makeup on our models using only cruelty-free products.
The images and videos were taken by the amazing Eric Pons. Inbetween location search, direction, production, content and postproduction, we worked together perfectly as a team. I love the way how he gets the images out of my head onto the screen.
I wanna take this opportunity the say a big thank you to everyone involved in the creation of AIRE.
Please enjoy the video…
Trust… (in the present)
It is not that we can…
We are changing the world right now.
Share… (your knowledge)
Create… (your life)
Believe… (in the future)
We have everything we need right in front of us…